Automatic door systems
Automatic door systems


For as long as I have been in the industry I have found the main problem with automatic door to be a lack of maintenance.

Most customers and users tend to ignore these important customer access systems until they stop working. Then often enough the faulty component is changed and the door is started again and forgotten about.

My point?? We all realise that our cars must be serviced regularly to stop them breaking down, so why not other electro mechanical machines like doors? Perhaps it's the flashing red light on our dash each morning as we get in the car that forces us to keep it maintained. There's an Idea, How about we incorporate a big red flashing light on all automatic doors that starts flashing when a service is due?

As the Building owner or tenant, it's your responsibility under the machinery act to make sure your Automatic doors are up to standard. Trust me when I say, it will save you money and trouble in the long run. Most door companies will offer a comprehensive range of servicing options, often at a very cheap price. It's in everyone's best interest that the doors are ran as smooth as possible.